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Provide Effective Treatment And Prevention Of Urinary Tract Infections.Help Yo Reduce The Unpleasant Odor.Help To Reduce Mucus Build-Up In The Bladder.


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Cranberry juice a natural alternative to antibiotics.urinary tract infections are common in kids, and according to the study authors, 19% to 30% of children will experience a recurrence within one year of their initial infection. these recurrences mean more antibiotics for kids and some may take antibiotics preventively. but long-term and/or preventive antibiotic use may lead to health problems and bacterial resistance. this is why researchers, doctors, and consumers are interested in nutritional and natural options with fewer side effects, such as cranberry juice, to help prevent such infections.cranberries contain plant chemicals that help prevent infection by stopping the growth of bacteria and through other actions. interestingly, the study authors state that the benefits of cranberry juice may not happen in the urinary tract but rather in the gut where cranberry juice helps shift the types of bacteria in the body to types that are less likely to cause infection.if your child suffers from recurrent urinary tract infections, see a knowledgeable doctor to discuss natural options that may help reduce the number of infections and the amount of antibiotics that your child must take.21st century's 100% pure unsweetened cranberry juice is extracted from fresh, mature cranberries rich in minerals, including significant amounts of potassium, copper, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and iron. cranberries are also naturally rich in antioxidant a and c vitamins plus traces of many b vitamins.