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Ideal Anti-aging Functional Food beyond Collagen Efficacy 

Scientifically formulated premixed organic based soybean powder consumed as a beverage containing a blend of lecithin-rich soybean, fish collagen, digestion resistant maltodextrin (soluble dietary fibre), inulin, multivitamin-mineral and soy protein isolates premixed powder. 

EnerFlex COMPLEXION is a novel multiple actions soy functional food evolves from its proprietary base, EnerFlex® powered by clinically studied fish collagen peptide from Japan’s No. 1 fish collagen producer to help improve moisture content of the skin of forehead and epidermis of under eyes, inhibiting the increase of the wrinkle area of the skin under eyes and skin suppleness and fitness. 

The effective dose for fish collagen peptide used to improve human skin complexion study was between 2-4g per day. Each 20g EnerFlex COMPLEXION powder contains minimum 2.5g fish collagen peptide (smallest peptides with molecular weight of 2,000 daltons with similar amino acids (glycine, proline and hydroxylproline) that build collagen components of skin. Low molecular weight fish collagen has been found to be compatible to skin collagen in human. It has high bioavailability and easily absorbed by human body. 

EnerFlex COMPLEXION is highly rich in soy lecithin and dietary fibre to enhance skin and colon detoxification ensuring optimum performance of fish collagen peptides to rejuvenate collagen contents of human skin. 

Fish Collagen peptide in EnerFlex COMPLEXION is also a good source of Type II Collagen (also known as Chondroitin Sulphate of which being found to be predominal component of hyalin cartilage able to help suppress inflammation caused by rheumatism and osteoarthritis

What can you expect with 2 sachets EnerFlex COMPLEXION daily: 
Week 2 – 4: Skin Whitening and face firming 
Week 4 – 8: Energized and stronger knees and bones, hair and nails. 
Week 8 onwards: De-pigmentation and reduction in spots, radiant and smoother skin, firming up of buttocks and breast 

Safe for long-term consumption and suitable for men, pregnant and lactating mothers. 

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EnerFlex COMPLEXION是依据营养科学配置而成的美味有机大豆分饮料。它是由含有丰富的大豆卵磷脂的大豆粉,鱼胶原蛋白肽,抗消化麦芽糊精(水溶性食物纤维),多种营养矿物质及有机大豆精华粉配制而成的。 

EnerFlex COMPLEXION 是独特的多功能功能性食物,以EnerFlex为基础,附加由日本第一鱼胶原蛋白肽出厂商出产的鱼胶原蛋白肽,以帮助额头及眼底皮肤的滋润,助于改善眼底皮肤的皱纹及细纹,及帮助改善皮肤的滋润及弹性。 

研究发现,每天饮用2-4 克的鱼胶原蛋白肽能有效的帮助皮肤的保健。每20克EnerFlex COMPLEXION大豆粉含有至少2.5克鱼胶原蛋白(分子重量只有2000的胶原蛋白肽)及可帮助皮肤胶原蛋白的生产的氨基酸(glycine, proline and hydroxylproline)。低分子重量的鱼胶蛋白肽是最相近与人类的皮肤胶原蛋白。而且,能容易的被人体吸收。 EnerFlex COMPLEXION含有丰富的大豆卵磷脂及食物纤维,帮助皮肤及大肠的排毒,以提升与胶原蛋白对皮肤的作用。此外,EnerFlex COMPLEXION中鱼胶原蛋白肽是第二种类胶原蛋白(硫酸软骨素)很好的来源。第二种类胶原蛋白是hyalin 软骨很重要的成分。这能帮助压抑因为风湿病及骨关节炎造成的发炎。 

每日2袋装EnerFlex COMPLEXION的效果: 
周2 - 4:美白,紧肤 
周4 - 8:充满活力和更强的膝盖和骨骼,头发和指甲 


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