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Air-Activated Heat Patch.Up To 8 Hours Relief.Powerful Pain Relief.Improves Blood Circulation.Results In Reduced Symptoms Of Menstrual Pain.Helps You To Recover From Tiredness.

Directions for use:ensure that the skin is dry and clean over the place of applicationopen the sachet by hand and gently peel away the protective film on the back of the heat patch.apply adhesive side of the heat patch to the skin over the painful areaafter use. slowly peel off the heat not use the product for more than 8 hours in a day.warnings:be careful with low-temperature burnsdo not use while in bed, or strong pressure when wearing belt, lying down ad siting.stop use immediately if it feels too not use on - mucous membranes, wounds, rashes and damaged skin, face, areas where topical medication has been applied.

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