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AXE Dark Temptation is the fragrance that makes you as irresistible as chocolate. Rich, sweet chocolate fragrance to leave you feeling deliciously confident all day
It’s no secret that chocolate is an indulgence no one can deny and there’s no better way to indulge yourself than having a fragrance to match. AXE Dark Temptation harnesses the rich, sweet scent of chocolate to leave you feeling deliciously confident all day. A unique all-over deodorant body spray that combines a quality fragrance. Unrelenting female attention. One application of the new improved Axe and you'll smell like a hunk of man candy all day long. Science shows that Axe's improved fragrance acts upon the female libido and stimulates the clothing-removal section of the female brain. Which means, you can fulfill more of your manly desires - USAGE DIRECTION: Shake well. Hold can upright and spray 15cm from underarm and body for best result.
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