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Important Antioxidant.Convert Sugar Fat Into Energy.


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Bio-quinon active q10 gold consists of soft gelatin capsules with 100 mg of q10 in the form of active ubiquinone dissolved in vegetable oil. the capsules are also light sealed. the preparation has for several decades been one of the world’s most widely sold q10 brands, due to the fact that it is able to demonstrate a high absorption.raw material q10 is a fat-soluble, crystalline substance with a very low absorbtion, but using a special manufacturing technique in which q10 undergoes a special heat treatment the q10 crystals dissolve completely at body temperature. it is this complete solution of q10, a high quality raw material and manufacturing according to the farmaceutical and the gmp protocol, which is the reason that bio-quinon active q10 gold has achieved such good bioavailability of the active substance. bio-quinon active q10 gold also contains vitamin c, which contributes to normal energy metabolism.for several decades, bio-quinon active q10 has been one of the world’s most widely sold q10 brands. one of the main reasons for its popularity is that fact that this preparation can document a high level of bio-availability. q10 is a fat-soluble substance which is difficult for the body to absorb. however, thanks to a highly specialized manufacturing process where q10 is dissolved in a vegetable oil solution and exposed to a patented heating process the q10 molecules are able to dissolve entirely at normal body temperature. the fact that the q10 molecules dissolve completely in this product is the reason why bio-quinon active q10 can deliver such superior bioavailability of its active compound. bio-quinon active q10 contains q10 in vegetable oil in soft, light-protected gelatin capsules. this formula has been able to document extreme high bioavailability. bio-quinon active q10 is the official reference preparation of icqa (international coenzyme q10 association). the q10 raw material in bio-quinon active q10 is identical with the type of q10 that is made in the human body (body-identical). the q10 form used in bio-quinon active q10 is the natural all-trans form, which is devoid of synthetic cis-isomers. unique mixture of vegetable oils (from certified sustainable farming) in gelatin capsules. bio-quinon active q10 is documented in over 90 published studie. added vitamin c which contribute to the formation of energy in body cells and to healthy blood vessels.direction of use:1 capsule daily, unless otherwise advised. do not exceed the recommended daily not chew the capsules, but swallow them whole, preferably during/after a meal.