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Used For The Treatment Of Fungal Infections Such As Athlete'S Foot, Ringworm, Tinea Versicolor ( White Spot ) And Jock ( Groin ) Itch.

Dermoplex antifungal cream contains tolnaftate bp/usp 1% w/w, with methylparaben 0.32% w/w and propylparaben 0.048% w/w as preservative. tolnaftate is fungicidal. studies suggesting its primary mechanism of action is to inhibit the biosynthesis of ergosterol, which is present in the membrane of sensitive fungi, and this will lead to the death of fungi cells. it inhibits the growth of epidermophyton, microsporum, trichophyton spp., and malassezia furfur, but is not active against candida spp. or bacteria.

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