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Self-Adhesive Strap That Makes Them Easy To Apply And Hold Firmly In Place.Effective Ointment Removes Corn.

Corn caps contain a measured dose of salicylic acid paste inside a soft red felt ring. the soft felt ring relieves pressure on the corn whilst the unique salicylic acid paste loosens the cement holding the layers of hardened skin together. the hardened skin flakes away, softening and loosening the nucleus of the corn.a ten day treatment course is usually fully effective.warnings or not use if -you are diabetic -if skin close to the corn is inflamed or broken -if you are using any other medicated product to treat your corn -to treat more than three corns at a time -for any other purpose than the removal of hard corns -if you are allergic to any of the ingrediants -after the expiry date seek medical advice before use if -if you have ciculatory disorder -if using on children under 15 -if you are pregnant.

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