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Assisting In Reducing Inflammation In Joints, Skin Cells And Body Tissues.Helping In Relieving Joint Pain And Treating Skin Disorders.Preventing Premature Ageing And Rejuvenating Skin Cells.Strengthening Scalp, Hair Follicles And Nails.Promoting Better Skin Health And Decreasing The Effects Of Sun Damage On The Skin.

Olives are highly regarded for their magical healing powers. scientific studies have since identified a family of powerful antioxidant compounds in olives called polyphenols or biophenols. olive polyphenols protect our skin, maintain healthy joint functions, promote cardiovascular wellness and strengthen our immune system.  olivenol® contains the award winning, patented, natural and high concentration polyphenols compound known as hidrox® derived from organic olive juice. its free radical protection activity is the highest of any known natural or synthetic antioxidants ever reported. hidrox® has expanding benefits including anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-ageing, anti-bacterial, anti-uv damage properties and immune balancing activities.  olivenol® olive essence is specially formulated for:assisting in reducing inflammation in joints, skin cells and body tissues.helping in relieving joint pain and treating skin disorders.preventing premature ageing and rejuvenating skin cells.strengthening scalp, hair follicles and nails.promoting better skin health and decreasing the effects of sun damage on the skin.assisting the body’s health and wellbeing against damaging effects caused by free radicals.lowering ldl (bad) cholesterol and increasing hdl (good) cholesterol.providing healthy immune support and balancing of the immune system.enhancing health benefits of many other dietary supplements.who should use this?.ideal for anyone at any age who yearns for better health.adults or children who have difficulties swallowing capsules/ tablets as olivenol™ plus+ comes in liquid form as well.people who are frequently exposed to pollution in the air, food and water.heavy smoker or people who are significantly exposed to second hand smoke.adults or children who regularly engage in activity under the sun and are always exposed to uv rays.people with weak and imbalance immune system who fall ill easily.people with joint, skin, hair or nail problems.asthma patients prone to respiratory problem.someone who is seeking aids in preventing cancer, cardiovascular diseases and neuro-degenerative does it work?.it has the highest bio-availability whether ingested in water (75%) or in fats (90+%). as a result, all the goodness of olivenol™ plus+ can be effectively absorbed into your body within a short period of time.clinical trials have identified unique anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties in olivenol™ plus+. this gives it the exceptional ability to treat skin disorders – including psoriasis – and offer pain relief in arthritis and other chronic joint diseases.its unique antioxidant properties support the balancing of the immune system, help reduce oxidative stress damages, maintain healthy joint functions, rejuvenate skin cells and scalp as well as strengthen hair follicles and has superior anti-ageing properties that dramatically delay the ageing process by reducing the damaging effects of free radicals towards cell membranes and dna.proven to have anti-uv damage properties that maintain skin in a normal, healthy state even after long exposure to uv radiation.

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