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Kordels Salmon Oil 1000Mg 30C

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Protects Cell Membranes Rich In Essential Fatty Acids From Oxidation By Free Radicals.Free Of Heavy Metal Contamination (Including Mercury).Helps To Reduce High Cholesterol, Triglyceride And Blood Pressure Levels.Relieves Symptoms Of Inflammatory Disorders Like Arthritis And Eczema.

Wild alaskan salmon oil is a 100% pure salmon oil containing omega 3 essential fatty acids. it provides eicosapentanoic acid (epa) and docosahexanoic acid (dha) which are required for many body functions.epa is a direct source of prostaglandin e3 series which help in reducing blood clot as well as blood triglycerides and cholesterol. through this action, the salmon oil helps to maintain a healthy heart and circulatory system. salmon oil has also been proven to be  beneficial in retarding pain and inflammation in arthritis patients. dha, on the other hand, plays a vital role in the maintenance of effective brain functions.kordel’s wild alaskan salmon oil is sourced from wild salmon caught from the clear seawaters of bristol bay, alaska. it is free from antibiotics, mercury & other contaminants commonly found in farmed salmon. every batch of kordel’s wild alaskan salmon oil is tested for peroxide level both at the point of extraction and after encapsulation to ensure freshness of the omega 3 oils.what is it for?  • heart health – reduces cholesterol & blood clots  • arthritis - relieves symptoms  • mental health – improves learning and memory.dosage  • take 1 to 2 capsules daily

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