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Natural Anti-Inflammatory Agent.Healthy Blood Glucose Management.Contains High Strength Curcumin.Provides Synergistic Effect With Bitter Melon And Gymnema.Reduces Risk Of Arthritis Nd Many Other Inflammatory Conditions.Vegetarian-Friendly.

Directions:-adults: take 2 vegetable capsule twice daily, with food intake or as recommended by a doctor or pharmacist.highlight of:-inflammation is the bofy's normal protective reaction to an injury or irritation. this natural defense process brings to the development of inflmmatory symptoms, including pain, swelling, increased warmth and redness as well as loss of function.curcumin, the principal active constituent of turmeric, has been known fo its anti-inflammatory properties for years. its potency was favourably compared to pharmaceutical medicines.additionally,curcumin is also resposible for maintaining memory in alzheimer's patients, strengthening immune system, improving effectiveness and reducing the side effects of chemotherapy.added with bitter melon and gymnema which are often used as hypoglycemic agent.they help increase cellular glucose uptake, regenerate pancreatic beta cells and reduce cravings towards sweet food.turmerk is a 3-in-1 herbal blend that delivers a natural way to end the inflammatory conditions, at the same time assists in lowering the blood sugar level.brought to you exclusively by caring pharmacy.herbs of gold is an australian owned company, dedicated to providing good quality herbal and nutritional supplements. the products are formulated by a team of experienced naturopaths, based on traditional and clinical evidence for well-being of practitioner

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