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PROVITON 100'S + 30'S

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People Who Live A Hectic Lifestyle Are Often Deprived Of Proper Meals Or A Balanced Diet.Proviton Multivitamin Contains The Necessary Vitamins And Minerals To Help Fight Fatigue, Enhance Stamina And Endurance, And Boost Immune System.

People who live a hectic lifestyle are often deprived of proper meals or a balanced diet.proviton multivitamin contains the necessary vitamins and minerals to help fight fatigue, enhance stamina and endurance, and boost immune system.feel your best every day.panax ginseng extract idb.increases energy level and optimises physical performance.multivitamins & minerals.supplements the body with daily nutrients which may be lacking from regular diet. optimises metabolic rate to produce energy more efficiently..directions.adults – take 1 softgel capsule daily, preferably in the morning, with breakfast.if at any time there is difficulty in swallowing, cut open the capsule, press the contents onto a spoon and mix with juices, honey, or other food before consuming.note.recommended for use as a dietary supplement.can be taken in situations where the supplementation of vitamins and minerals are necessary.suitable for adults and seniors.certified halal by jakim.ingredientdosage.ginsengginseng idb (panax ginseng c. a. meyer).50mg.vitamin a.5000iu.vitamin d.400iu.vitamin e.15iu.vitamin b1 (thiamine hci).12mg.vitamin b2 (riboflavin).5mg.vitamin b6 (pyridoxine hci).5mg.vitamin b12 (cyanocobalamin).15mcg.ingredientdosage.ascorbic acid.30mg.folic acid.1.3mg.biotin.0.06mg.nicotinamide.25mg.calcium.40mg.copper.0.1mg.inositol.7.5mg.iodine.0.05mg.ingredientdosage.lecithin.50mg.lysine hci.0.3mg.manganese.0.33mg.magnesium.2mg.zinc.0.9mg.phosphorus.18.5mg.potassium.5mg.formulation.vitamin b2 and b6.vitamin b12.vitamin c.vitamin d.vitamin e.folic acid.calcium.magnesium.iron.biotin.iodine.zinc.copper.manganese.nicotinamide.lysine.

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