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Live Well Tocospan E 300+ 30S

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The Complete 8-In-1 Vitamin E Formula With 4 Tocopherol + 4 Tocotrienol Family Members (D-Alpha, D-Beta, D-Gamma & D-Delta).

The name vitamin e generally refers to only one member of the vitamin e family which is alpha tocopherol - this is inaccurate based on latest studies on vitamin e.although alpha tocopherol is the best known family member, its other 7 members are also important. it is only recently that scientist found that the other 7 overlooked members of the e-family have extremely important functions as well as in promoting heart health and helping to prevent some cancers and other diseases. in fact, it has now been found that the best benefits of vitamin e supplementation are to take a supplement that contains all the 8 members of the e family.therefore if you are taking d-alpha tocopherol alone, you may be missing out on the synergistic benefits offered by the complete 8 members of the vitamin e family.who will benefit:those above 40 years of age.usage:supports heart health.reduces cancer risk.protects against free radical damage.slows down ingredients per capsule strength:natural vitamin e 300 i.u.d-alpha tocopherol 300 i.u.d-beta tocopherol 1.23 mgd-gamma tocopherol 76.59mgd-delta tocopherol 28.41 mgmixed tocotrienols as 30 mgd-alpha tocotrienol 13.85 mgd-beta tocotrienol 0.77 mgd-gamma tocotrienol 9.23 mgd-delta tocotrienol 6.15 mgalso contains vitamin e succinate 43 mg

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