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This Extra Gentle Cleanser Is Specially Formulated As A Daily Cleanser For Atopic Dermatitis.

Ezerra extra gentle cleanser, the three times more gentle cleanser, cleanses and moisturizes the skin simultaneously without disturbing the skin's moisturizing factor.ezerra extra gentle cleanser is formulated with stimu-tex as to help relieve itch and reduce skin irritation.ezerra extra gentle cleanser is sodium lauryl sulfate (sls) / sodium laureth sulfate (sles)-free.optimal skin ph: stop protease attack; repair and protect baby's fragile skin.amisoft: cleanse the skin without disrupting skin nmf.stimutex-as: antihistaminergic mimicking properties to provide symptomatic relief for pruritus, inflammation and redness.dosage:moisten the skin. then apply ezerra extra gentle cleanser and massage over the face and whole body. rinse well and pat dry.

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