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To Treat The Symptoms Of Eczema And/Or Moisturise The Eczematous Skin.

Atopic dermatitis affects 2 out of every 10 children. it causes the skin to release chemicals that causes the skin to be inflamed, itchy and dry. treat and moisturise with ezerra, the new non-steroidal topical preparation for atopic dermatitis. ezerra is the only anti-eczema formulation specifically designed to treat, moisturise, treat & moisturise simultaneously.ezerra actively relieves the symptoms of inflammation and itchiness by preventing the release of histamine and inflammatory markers. ezerra is also able to restore the skin barrier function. ezerra's unique natural ingredients keep dry skin of atopic dermatitis sufferers moisturised through its ability to attract, retain and regulate moisture in the skin.ezerra cream is formulated with stimu-tex as to help relieve dryness and itchiness, symptoms associated with dry and sensitive skin. it also contains saccharide isomerate which mimics skin’s natural moisturizing factors, locking in essential moisture under all environmental conditions, thus preventing the recurrence of dry and sensitive skin.ezerra cream is an anti eczema formulation with antihistaminergic mimicking properties to provide rapid symptomatic relief of atopic dermatitis. ezerra cream also attract, retain and regulate the essential moisture to keep eczema in remission.dosage:apply on to affected area 3 to 4 times a day. use regularly for optimum results.cautionary instructions:for external use only. keep out of reach of children. store below 30 degrees celsius.

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