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Natural Source Of Dietary Fiber From Prune Extract That Promotes Bowel Movement And Improve Laxation.Helps To Relief Occasional Constipation, Improves Stool Consistency.Contains Resistant Maltodextrin Which Is Low-Viscosity Soluble Dietary Fiber That Helps Support Or Maintain Intestinal Regularity.

Brand's innershine prune essence is specially formulated to deliver even more nutritional and detoxification benefits with a new formulation that enhanced with a superfruit from the amazon rainforest called camu camu. Three key ingredients camu camu, resistant maltodextrin and california prune essence provide the highest levels of natural vitamin c to nourish body and skin while improving digestion and detoxification for that vital, radiant glow to make the new innershine prune essence plus camu camu even more effective as a beauty drink. Why choose this product?.promotes overall well-being, beauty and radiance from within. camu camu known as the fruit with the highest recorded amount of natural vitamin c in the world help energize the body and strengthen the immune system to keep eyes and skin healthy. Resistant maltodextrin detoxifies the body to give you a more radiant skin effective in aiding digestion good for regulating and increasing the frequency of bowel movement.californian prunes extremely rich in dietary fibre contains high levels of vitamin c effective in delaying the ageing process.

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