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Biotest Kidney Function Test Kit Contains Two Dip-And-Read Test Strips And Intended For Use To Check For Creatinine, Protein And Specific Gravity In Urine Specimens As An Aid In Evaluating Kidney Function.

BioTest Kidney Function Test Kit 2s checks for protein, creatinine and specific gravity in urine. As kidney functions worsens, the amount of albumin and other proteins in the urine increases, thereby bringing the condition to proteinuria (leakage of protein in urine). Creatinine is a waste product in the blood created by the normal breakdown of muscle cells during activity. Healthy kidneys take creatinine out of the blood and put it into the urine to leave the body. When the kidneys are not working well, creatinine will be significantly absence from the urine. Specific gravity is to measure the concentration of particles in urine to access the kidney's ability to retain water.

Screening must be a priority for those people considered to be at high risk of kidney disease, including individuals with:

  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension / high blood pressure
  • Auto immune diseases such as SLE
  • who are obese
  • who smoke regularly
  • over 50 years of age
  • with family history of kidney disease, diabetes or hypertension

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