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Tested more than 100x washes



European Formulation - Laboratory tested in Europe, this washable protect me fabric mask is a powerful barrier against harmful microorganisms that may cause diseases.

Enhanced Protection - This face mask has been infused with cutting-edge antimicrobial technology can prevent up to 99.9% of known microbes from passing through. It gives you round the clock protection and it is effective for the lifetime of the product.


- Antimicrobial

- Durable

- Washable up to 100 times without losing efficacy

- Cost effective

Usage Instructions

Hook the ear rings on both sides of the mask around both your ears. Ensure that the mask has a secure fit above your nose and below your chin. Each mask is for a single user only. Do not share a mask between users.

Care Instructions

This mask should only be used up to maximum of one (1) day before it must be washed. Hand wash using mild detergent. Hang to dry and do not use again until completely dry. This mask has been rated to be washable up to 100 times depending on how it is cared for. hand washing will help to improve the lifespan. If any puncture, hole or significant wear and tear appears, dispose of the mask and use a new mask. Hand washing recommended Do not bleach Do not iron

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