If your body isn’t moving the way it used to, it's a sign you could be losing muscle mass.

From movement to metabolism and more, our muscles are the ultimate multitaskers. But what happens when we lose too much muscle?

We've all battled with a jar lid that just won't budge. Maybe we tried banging the lid against the counter or holding it under hot water, and if all else failed, we probably asked someone for help. When they opened it on the first try, we joked that we loosened it for them.

Over the years, it might start to feel like these stubborn lids are getting stronger, or even more common — but for many people, the problem is that their hands and bodies are simply getting weaker.

Could the status of our health lie in the palm of our hand? It may not be as simple as that – but our hand grip strength, a key way to determine overall muscle strength, can tell us a lot.


Muscle loss is the aging factor that's rarely discussed, and people accept its signs, such as a weaker hand grip, as a natural part of aging. However, muscle health can often ‘tell us’ how we are going to age, and how active and independent we are going to stay. It can impact our energy levels and mobility, increase risk for falls and fractures, and
even slow down recovery from illness or surgery1-2.



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*Ensure Gold with HMB and protein that helps build and repair muscle tissue

**When taken twice daily and consumed along with light daily exercise