Powering up your body with muscle strength

Did you know that our muscles collectively form the key engine that powers your body? There are over 600 muscles in our human body that make up 30-50% of our body weight2 - that’s easily a third to half of our human functioning body system! They work hard throughout the day to give us the strength, movement and balance we need everyday.

Besides actively engaging our muscles daily in physical movements and exercises, experts agree that protein needs increase with pregnancy, illness and age. In fact, adults aged 65 and above may need up to 2 times more protein than younger adults to maintain muscle for strength and energy. Hence, it is natural for the muscles of older adults to accelerate from normal loss to muscle mass loss.

When we use our muscles, it gets broken down in what is known as muscle protein synthesis, i.e., the process of building muscle mass. This naturally occurring process is essential for muscle recovery and adaptation as protein is known as a building block of muscles4. When our body is in protein balance, no muscle growth or wasting is occurring, and we are considered to be in a healthy state of biological equilibrium. To stimulate muscle growth, we essentially need to unsettle the protein balance5. While this biological process is ongoing, it is essential to have sufficient protein so that new muscle is produced to repair those that are damaged. The goal is to ensure that muscle breakdown isn't happening faster than muscle building4.


This is where HMB, known as beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate, an active metabolite of the amino acid leucine, helps counteract muscle loss. Although leucine is found in food and has been part of our diet for a long time, HMB is difficult to obtain from our diet alone. Only about 0.5% to 5% of dietary leucine is converted to HMB. It is also known that levels of HMB in the body decrease with age. 6

The good news is muscle loss can be reversed, with HMB and Protein to build and repair muscle tissue. Introducing Ensure Gold with a unique combination of HMB and Triple Protein Blend. HMB blocks the metabolic stress inside muscle cells, which can help slow down muscle breakdown and protect muscles from further degradation. Once muscle breakdown is reduced, protein and calories can help rebuild muscle, hence reestablishing the balance. 2



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*Ensure Gold with HMB and protein that helps build and repair muscle tissue

**When taken twice daily and consumed along with light daily exercise