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Aids In Protecting The Female Intimate Area From Complications And Discomforts Due To Infections.Chamomile Helps To Soothe The Skin While Panthenol Enhances Moisture Retention And Skin Suppleness.Dermatologically Tested And Suitable For Women Of All Ages.

This gentle and effective cleanser is composed of mild surfactants with lipid enriching and moisturising agents to ensure superior intimate hygiene. it also aids in protecting the female intimate area from complications and discomforts due to infections.eubos feminin washing emulsion contains hydrolysed milk and wheat proteins to maintain skin moisture content, while lactic acid provides the ideal slightly acidic environment of ph 4-4.5 to support the natural acidic biosphere of the vagina.simultaneously, chamomile helps to soothe the skin while panthenol enhances moisture retention and skin suppleness. this gentle wash also contains a dermatologically approved deodorant to prevent unpleasant odour and to maintain freshness all from soaps, alkali, alcohol, dyes, preservatives, and colouring, eubos feminin washing emulsion is dermatologically tested and suitable for women of all ages.this concentrated formulation requires only a small volume for effective daily wash and can be used during menstruation, after sexual intercourse, after delivery of a newborn baby or simply as an everyday cleanser to maintain optimum intimate share this secret of feminine confidence with your loved ones today.

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