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Volumising Eye Cream With Spf 15 Protection For All Skin Types.A Volumising Eye Care For All Skin Types. Contains Spf 15 With A Uva Filter System For Protection In The Delicate Eye Area. Ophthalmologically-Tested. Suitable For Contact Lens Wearers.

Eucerin volume-filler eye care for all skin types targets the creasing and sagging caused by diminishing skin volume specifically in the delicate eye area. formulated with three active ingredients which penetrate specific layers of the skin, the clinically-tested formula helps redefine and tighten the eye area.naturally-derived magnolol increases the size and number of volumising cells, while oligo peptides strengthen the collagen network and improve collagen renewal to inhibit new lines forming. meanwhile, hyaluronic acid works at the skin's surface, increasing moisture-retention levels to smooth lines caused by dryness typically found around the corners of the eyes. contains spf 15 with a uva filter system to protect against photo-induced ageing. ophthalmologically-tested, non-comedogenic and free from perfume and alcohol.

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