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It Helps Replenish And Provide The Nutrients Needed For Proper Daily Body Function. It Is Easy To Carry And Convenient To Consume At Any Time. It Smells Nice, Looks Appetizing And Tastes Delicious!

Nutritious drink with 18 grains.grains are gifts from mother nature that makes up the basic food pyramid. goodmorning®vplus 18 grains is heart-warming, tastes delicious and every cup brings you and your loved ones a step closer to better health!.goodmorning® v plus is a nutritional drink made up from 18 mixed beans and grains with red beet root, soy lecithin and calcium, which contains is a good source of vegetable proteins, carbohydrates, amino acids, fats, vitamins and minerals. 18 grains and beans go through extrusion to be made into powder form.a cup of goodmorning® vplus with 18 grains fulfill your daily requirement of staple food!.recommended for.irregular meal times.restore and boost nutritional intake, such as: picky eaters or unhealthy eating practice, those who have the difficulty in chewing food, patients, elderly, pregnant women, nursing mother.children nutritional drink to enhance brain development, help in improving memory and learning ability.those who want to control weight and calories intake.those who diagnoses with chronic disease, diabetes , high blood pressure, high blood fat, atherosclerosis.those who wants to increase fiber intake and have constipation problem. directions for use.add once sachet of goodmorning® v plus to a glass of 200ml cold water (shake well) or hot (stir well). the drink is ready to be served. take 1-2 sachets daily. can be serve at any time.

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