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Increase Energy Levels And Useful For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.Helps The Immune System And Contains Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Viral And Anti-Fungal.Assist In Problem Thyroid Disease, Increase Metabolism And Weight Loss.Assist In Developing Hypoglycemia And Improve The Excretory System.Help In Strengthening The Hair Structure And Provide Protection To The Skin.

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Our award from plant life - virgin coconut oil.increase energy levels and useful for chronic fatigue syndrome.helps the immune system and contains anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal.assist in problem thyroid disease, increase metabolism and weight loss.assist in developing hypoglycemia and improve the excretory system.help in strengthening the hair structure and provide protection to the skin.antioxidant against gastrointestinal system and effective as an anti-inflammatoryour virgin coconut oil is good for health, where it can be used as natural cosmetics, cooking oil and as an herbal remedy for the sick, the effect of the content of medium chain fatty acids (mcfa's with over 50% lauric acid) found in it.for the malays, coconut tree is also known as a thousand trees use for every part of the coconut tree can be used for a variety of uses.while in india it is known as 'kalpa vriksha' means the use of trees that can be diversified to meet the needs of life. philippines is the world's largest oil producer and the plant life is called `tree '.to understand the advantages of virgin coconut oil (mkd) and its importance to health, one just needs to know the positive impact of the oil content, known as medium chain fatty acids (mfca's). for information, virgin coconut oil contains 65% mcfa's composition.fatty acid molecules are too small and it is easily digested and quickly and is easy to be absorbed by the body where fatty acids are not stored as fat in the body's cells. mcfa's acting as a supplier of energy and works the same as carbohydrates and does not circulate in the blood circulation system of the body, unlike other fat (increase levels of bad ldl cholesterol and fatty buildup in the arteries).because of that it is not stored in the fat cells or contribute to weight gain or cause clogged arteries.another thing that the heart, in which polyunsaturated fatty acids are commonly used in everyday cooking lcfa's main composition that cause good cholesterol, ldl enters the blood system will cause blockage in the blood vessels and causing accumulation of fat. however, unlike the medium chain fatty acids mcfa's, it does not suffer from oxidation. fatty acids continuous lcfa's hand will form free radicals oxidize ldl cholesterol which is the main cause of arterial disease. only oxidized fat will produce plaque formation in the arteries and lead to clogged arteries. 74% of plaque composition could be coming from polyunsaturated vegetable oils and monounsaturated fatty acids.most of the world such as in polynesia, indonesia, sri lanka, india and the philippines, they use coconut oil at high rates for daily use, not only it can lower a person's cholesterol levels but also reduce obesity and prevent a heart attack that caused the death.as a citizen of australia who had long established more than 25 years in tropical countries in asia (malaysia, india and indonesia), i've seen there are still local residents from various cultures in asean countries for example, use virgin coconut oil and products coconut oil is traditionally related to their everyday lives. use virgin coconut oil makes them stay healthy, free from obesity (obesity) and other modern diseases. it is the practice of some of the world's population, their diet changes from a traditional diet to the modern diet and as a result they are unknowingly exposed to various diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, metabolic rate inconsistencies, cancer and other related diseases.how can i use virgin coconut oil?.for children 2 to 6 years: use of two teaspoons every morning as a beverage.for children 7 to 12 years: use of 4 teaspoons each morning as a beverage.for adults: take 2 to 4 teaspoons a additional drink every morning.for those who first start taking coconut oil with 1 teaspoon with each meal. some people will experience a smooth bowel movement for several days. for those who have sensitive taste buds or stomach turn, can be mixed with fruit juice, yogurt or added to other dishes such as cooked oats.virgin coconut oil is safe for mothers during pregnancy and breastfeeding.used as everyday cooking oil: can be mixed in salad and cooking oil and ideal for those who want to replace the common cooking oil used during this process.external use: use as a moisturizer for hair and skin or rub the affected place skin infections. for hair, use / apply once to twice a week for 20 minutes and wash the hair with shampoo and rinse as usual.