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Unique And Adapted To Solve Bottle-Fed Babies' Little Problems.Nutritionally Complete With Essential Nutrients.Made With Fresh Milk From Selected Farms.

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A growing-up formula that has been specially developed by novalac in order to take over from milk formula in your baby's diet as of 1 year old.milk formula is the ideal complement to a diversified diet from 1 year old and onwards. helps cover all his nutritional needs*. contains calcium and vitamin d necessary for regular growth. provides iron that contributes to regular cognitive development. it is rich in essential fatty acids. has a delicious vanilla taste. equal to almost 6l of reconstituted milk.dosage/how to use:always wash your hands before preparing a feeding bottle. each feeding bottle should be prepared individually. only use the measuring scoop provided. formula should be consumed within one hour of preparation.wash the feeding bottle, cap, teat and any utensils to be used and sterilize them in boiling water.boil clean drinking water for 5 minutes and allow cooling to 40°c or heating clean fresh mineral water with a low mineral content to 40°c.pour the required amount of water (see feeding guide) into the bottle.measure the correct quantity of formula (see feeding guide) into the bottle using the scoop provided. always use one level scoopful per 30ml of the lid on the bottle and shake well until the powder is completely dissolved.let cool to lukewarm temperature (37°c). test the temperature on your wrist before feeding. any formula left after feeding should be discarded immediately.cautions:• do not prepare the feeding bottle in advance, but always just before feeding.• use within 3 weeks of opening