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Prevents Stretch Marks From Forming.Softens And Flattens Stretch Marks.Reduces Redness And Discoloration Associated With Stretch Marks.Relieves The Itching And Discomfort Of Stretch Marks.


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Stratamark is the first and the only medical product with clinically proven efficacy and safety for both prevention and treatment of stretch marks. doctors all over the world confirm the high efficacy and safety profile of stratamark. current cosmetic creams and moisturizers used for both prevention and treatment of stretch marks are without any clinically and scientifically proven evidence of efficacy.stratamark was specifically developed for treatment and prevention of all types of stretch marks, particularly those covering a wide surface area, resulting from pregnancy, adolescent growth spurts, weight gain, or bodybuilding.stratamark is easily applied to all areas of the skin, including exposed and sensitive areas.stratamark is easy to spread over large surface areas of the body, making it ideal for use on the buttocks, abdomen, thighs, breasts and back.when used as directed, stratamark dries to form a invisible sheet, a protective layer that is gas permeable and waterproof which hydrates and protects your stretch marks, allowing the skin to normalize the collagen synthesis cycle.