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Essentials Products In Convenient Travel Sizes.

Product you can get all of our most-popular and essentials products in convenient travel sizes. these are suitable for carry-on luggage, for when you’re on the moove!.milk shampoo 100ml.made using a combination of gentle coconut and glucose based cleansers, designed for people with sensitive scalps, itchiness or flakiness.conditioner 100ml.uses natural ingredients to moisturise the hair such as jojoba oil to leave the hair soft, hydrated and free of tangles.milk wash 100ml.made with a combination of 6 gentle, natural, low-irritant cleansers and designed to be used for the face and milk udder cream 50g.designed to hydrate the skin using natural ingredients and oils containing the types of fatty acids needed for healthy skin.mogoo travel pack:suitable for hand luggage.convenient and  durable pouch.easy-to-use and hygienic  pump bottles.

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