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Formulated With Vitamin C + Zinc To Support The Immune System To Keep You Healthy With A Chewable Tablet.

Redoxon double action is an upgraded formulation with 500mg vitamin c and 5mg zinc. it is used to supplement vitamin c and zinc requirements. through a variety of mechanisms, vitamin c and zinc play important roles in many vital metabolic processes. for example; vitamin c is important for healthy bones, teeth, gums as well as the general make-up of the body. zinc is also an essential mineral required by your body to maintain good health. together, vitamin c and zinc act in complementary ways to support your body's natural defences. taken daily, redoxon double action replenishes your body's vitamin c and zinc levels to support your natural defences. marketed globally for more than 70 years, redoxon is the brand you can trust for your entire family.

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