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Renews Ageing Skin.Smoothes Wrinkles.Creates A Clearer, More Even Complexion.Improves Acne Scarring And Hyper Pigmentation.Increases Firmness /Smoothness.Reduces Blemishes And Appearance Of Blackheads.

Ingredients.glycolic acid.belongs to the class alpha hydroxy acid (aha), commonly known as ‘fruit acids’ and occurs naturally in sugar cane juice. it is considered to be the most effective aha because it has a small molecular structure allowing it to penetrate the surface of the skin more readily.lactic acid.also a type of aha and is derived from sour milk and grain. its benefits to the skin have been well documented for centuries – even cleopatra's beautiful skin is attributed to her bathing in milk.both glycolic and lactic acids work by loosening or breaking up the thick outer layer of skin. through this microscopic exfoliation activity, these ahas smooth the skin’s texture problems including acne, fine wrinkles, pigmentation, and skin expressions. they also have the fantastic benefit of kick-starting your skin into its natural regeneration, stimulating collagen and skin growth cycle.salicylic acid.classed as beta hydroxy acids (bhas), this type of acids can be a little milder than ahas, but this doesn’t mean they are less potent. in fact, while bhas essentially work the same as ahas, they have certain talents that ahas don’t have. salicylic acid encourages the sloughing of dead skin cells as ahas do, but it also has the ability to penetrate into the pore, while ahas do not. this advantage makes it very effective for improving blemishes, by breaking down blackheads and whiteheads, and clearing clogged pores.

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