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Use As Dietary Supplement: Suitable For Healthy Seniors Who Need A Supplementary Nutritional Intake, Those Suffering From Malnutrition, Geriatric Patients And Convalescent Patients.Use As Meal Replacement: Suitable For Those Who Depend Fully On Oral Nutritional Supplement Or Using Tube Feeding.

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Appeton wellness 60+, the complete, easy-to digest, balanced nutritional food for seniors 60+. key points on wellness 60+ complete balanced nutrition food appeton wellness 60+, complete with carbohydrate, protein and fat, helps to provide sufficient amount of energy for the elderly. by taking 2-3 servings of appeton wellness 60+ on top of their normal diet, the energy required for the elderly per day will be able to be met. with 8 servings of appeton wellness 60+ a day, sufficient amount of energy and nutrients for an elderly’s daily requirement is provided. the energy distribution is designed according to the united states dietary reference intake (us dri) for elderly and the fat composition complies with the american heart association’s nutrition committee fat guideline. energy complex consist of energy-releasing micro nutrients which are important in improving the vitality of an elderly. it contains co-enzyme q10 and b complex to help metabolize energy effectively from food. concurrently, chromium helps to maintain normal blood glucose level.high quality protein protein helps your body maintain and rebuild muscles. excess protein in the body is filtered by the kidney. if there are high levels of protein to be filtered by the kidney for the long term, this may damage the kidney. kidney function also deteriorates as a result of aging. * pdcaas is a method of evaluating the protein quality based on the amino acid requirements of humans.