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Specially Formulated To Relief Your Baby'S Nappy Rash. Also Helps On Baby Facial Rashes. Contains Vitamin B5 To Heal The Skin.


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Bepanthen® ointment has been specially formulated to protect your baby from diaper rash and irritated skin.bepanthen® ointment has a transparent, breathable texture that makes it easy to apply and remove. it keeps the skin healthy by allowing it to breathe and also contains dexpanthenol (pro-vitamin b5), which accelerates the skins own natural regeneration process to gently heal and reinforce its protective barrier. bepanthen® ointment protects against and heals baby's diaper rash.protection : bepanthen® ointment is also clinically proven to form a long-lasting, transparent and breathable layer through the purified lanolin compound to protect even the most delicate skin from irritants and water. lanolin protects the skin from drying without preventing air exchanges on the skin. the water-in-oil formulation keeps the skin healthy and hydrated, which is essential to maintaining its natural protective barrier.gentle healing : dexpanthenol (pro-vitamin b5), gently aids the natural recovery of sensitive skin while keeping it soft, smooth and moisturised. bepanthen® ointment also seals in the skin's natural moisture, creating optimal conditions for babys delicate skin to gently recover, without drying out.bepanthen® ointment is also an ointment for breastfeeding mothers. cracked nipples may lead to premature arrest of breastfeeding despite the mother's wish to breastfeed for longer. in this case, the use of bepanthen® ointment is recommended in order to support healing process and continous breast feeding. the all-natural active ingreadient dexpanthenol, makes it suitable and safe to use for cracked nipple and at the same time breast feeding. dexpanthenol is given the g.r.a.s status "generally recognised as safe" status by the us food & drug administration, it is consider safe even if it is consumed by the baby. therefore, you may not need to clean with soap. gently wipe it off before feedings.bepanthen® ointment is easy to apply and remove without hurting the surface of both baby and mother's skin.