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Fast Acting Functional Food, Poositive Effect Within 7-28 Days.Can Be Used As Meal Replacement In Patients Required Liquid Food.Contains 20 Type Of Amino Acids, Antioxidants, Chlorophyll, Pufa, Vintamins, Live Enzymes And Colloidal Minerals.Safe For Long-Term Use And Easily Absorbed By Human Body.


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Essential food for all types of cancers either on chemotherapy or radiotherapy. efficacy of the product to improvenausea,insomnia,dizziness,tiredness,appetite,pain relief and depressanthad been evaluated by various hospitals such as nilai cancer hospital (nilai), mount miriam hospital (penang), pantai hospital (penang), general hospital (kl & penang). scientifically formulated palatable premixed organic based soybean powder powered by afa blue green algae consumed as a beverage to help enhance well being and tissue rejuvenation. rich in omega 3 fatty acid (in the form of alpha-linolenic acid of which to be converted to dha and epa in the body), colloidal mineral, carotenoids (namely beta carotene, lycopene and lutein), phycocyanin and chlorophyll pigments, various types of mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids including dha and epa (from afa) and soy oligosaccharide as prebiotic to boost healthy and balance gut micro flora especially the bifidobacterium spp for healthy bowel movements and immune system. afa blue green algae are well known for its anti-oxidant,anti-virus (via natural killer cell migration and mobilization of lymphocytes b and t cells), anti-bacteria (via macrophages activation) and intrinsic anti-inflammatory properties (selective cox2 inhibitor) and has significant hepatoprotective effect (detoxification and stem cell enhancer). each 20g powder contains 750mg of afa blue green algae. enerflex ood that works with medicinal properties in cancer patients.makanan berfungsi untuk pesakit kanser:fast acting functional food… positive effect within 7–28 days makanan berfungsi yang bertindak cepat untuk kesan positif dalam masa 7-28 hari can be used as meal replacement in patients required liquid food  boleh digunakan sebagai makanan gantian bagi pesakit yang perlukan makanan cecair contains 20 types of amino acids, antioxidants, chlorophyll, pufa, vitamins, life enzymes and colloidal minierals  mengandungi 20 jenis asid amino, antioksiden, klorofil, pufa, vitamin, enzim dan zat galian koloid safe for long-term use and easily absorbed by human body  selamat untuk penggunaan jangkamasa panjang dan senang diserap oleh badan