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This Patch Provides Dual Action, Which Derives From Our Unique Hydrogel Technology. The Cooling And Smoothing Effects Are Determined By Matrix Type Hydrogel: The Evaporation Of Trapped Water Inside Three Dimension Structure Of Matrix Polymer Makes Constantly Cooling Down Effect On The Applied Area And It Can Help To Reduce Swelling And Pains Of Your Problematic Lower Legs.

Venolite refresh leg extenso hydrogen patch is a disposable hydrogel matrix type patch, which relief of “heavy lower legs syndrome” caused by the problem of blood circulation due to lack of vein’s elasticity as well as “tired legs”. this patch provides dual action, which derives from our unique hydrogel technology. the cooling and smoothing effects are determined by matrix type hydrogel: the evaporation of trapped water inside three-dimensional structure of matrix polymer makes constantly cooling down effect on the legs.ingredients:grape leaf extract (vitis vinifera leaf extract).cbc (citrus flavonoids).l-menthol; eucalyptus oil oil extract.lavender oil extract.

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