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What is NuvaPine R?
The process of extracting plant polyprenols is difficult as scientists have to ensure that the method does not destroy the delicate compound to ensure its effectiveness in humans. NuvaPine R is a pharmaceutical grade source of polyprenols extracted via a patented extraction process.

Polyprenols are not to be confused with polyphenols which are derived from plants such as olives. Polyprenols are a class of compounds which are unique on its own.

NuvaPine R contains a standardized amount of polyprenols. As such its doses can be tailored to meet a range of therapeutic needs.

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What are Polyprenols?

Polyprenols are a special class of biomolecules found in plants. They are termed bio-regulators as these molecules participate in key biosynthetic processes crucial for the plant to regenerate, repair and thrive.
Take for instance the process of photosynthesis – the mechanism used by plants to create its own nutrients while giving out oxygen as a by product. Polyprenols are a class of compounds found in plants, which fuels this amazing life-giving photosynthetic process.

Polyprenols have been studied for more than 30 years. Interest has been strongest in Russia, Europe, Japan, India, and the United States. In the early 1930s, a scientific team at the Forest Technical Academy in St Petersburg, Russia led by Fyodor Solodky, the founder of Forest Biochemistry, and Asney Agranet, began research into the composition of conifer tree needles. They were intrigued by the trees' ability to remain disease free in extremes of temperature ± 40 °C. Development of Solodky's research led Russian scientists to isolate a unique different class of organic substance from the needles, including polyprenols.

Polyprenols are low molecular natural bioregulators (physiologically active), playing a significant modulating role in the cellular process in plants referred to as biosynthesis. The science has now found that polyprenols not only help the plants to regenerate and thrive, it also does the same when consumed by humans.
When humans consume polyprenols, the body converts it into a parallel compound called dolichols in the liver, which is start of where polyprenols begin their work of regulating and repairing various systems in the body which has gone awry.

Polyprenols modulates the functionality of these cellular systems:
1. Liver regeneration and repair
2. Cellular antioxidant system of protection
3. Right immune recognition and responses
4. Detoxification and restoration of body homeostasis
5. Production of glycoprotein, the basis for the building of membrane receptors which are used in the production of insulin, adrenaline, estrogen, testosterone and other hormones and enzymes.

Can I find polyprenols in food?
The needles of conifer trees are one of the richest sources of polyprenols which is how NuvaPine R is derived. Polyprenols are also present in shiitake mushrooms but in trace amounts.

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