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Optrex Eye Wash Washes, Soothes And Cleanses Tired, Irritated And Uncomfortable Eyes.

The specially developed formula gently washes your eyes and provides sensitive and moisture replenishing relief for eyes irritated by dust, grit, smoke etc.optrex eyewash for tired, uncomfortable, irritated eyes has also been designed to help tackle the effects of age and modern living, such as tired and uncomfortable eyes caused by contact lens wear, driving, computer use, manual work, smoky or polluted environments.optrex multi action eyewash for tired, uncomfortable, irritated eyes comes with a single eye bath for to use the wash.ensure your hands are clean and dry and the bottle's seal is intact.pour the wash into the eye bath until it's about a third full. bend your head forward, holding the eye bath by its the eye bath over your eye and slowly raise your head with your eye open, so wash flows into it. gently rock your head from side to side for at least 30 seconds.distilled witch hazel bpc 13.0% v/v, preserved with benzalkonium chloride 0.005% w/v in a solution buffered with borax and boric acid.

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