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P1Rosken Skin Repair Doubles Skin Moisture Levels In Just 4 Days!.Daily Exposure To Sun, Hot Showers And Air-Conditioning, Strips Precious Moisture And Goodness From Our Skin Leaving It Feeling Dry And Flaky.

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Used daily, rosken skin repair dry skin cream provides long term protection whilst repairing and replenishing lost moisture to your skin. it works by forming a protective layer to seal in moisture for your skin. and because it's non-greasy and absorbs quickly into the skin, you can feel the difference immediately from the first application.instant relief from the symptoms of dry skinmoisture levels increase by up to 89% giving immediate relief to dry and damaged skin.double’s skin moisture levels in just 4 daysincrease skin moisture levels by up to 107% in just 4 skin retain its moisture from first applicationrosken skin repair enhances the skin’s natural barrier function and helps reduce trans- epidermal moisture loss by up to 115%.assists in the rapid relief and long lasting protection of dry and damaged skin,.attracts water into the skin and instantly increases moisture reserves,.enhances the skins flexibility, softness and smoothness,.forms a protective barrier preventing further moisture loss and enhances the skin's ability to repair itself.enriched with olive extract, rich in natural antioxidants helping to regenerate skin tissue and regulate the natural moisturising system of the skin . contains dimethicone , which softens the skin by filling in tiny gaps between skin cells. it then forms a protective layer to lock in essential balanced - suitable for use on body, hands and facerosken skin repair dry skin cream is formulation for use on dry to extra dry skin.cream formulation for very dry & damaged skin.massage daily all over your body, morning and night paying attention to dry areas around elbows and knee areas. for best results apply after showering, exposure to the sun.apply after showering as skin absorbs moisture more readily.