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Hypoallergenic, Fluid Resistant, Form-Fit Design

Three-layer filter protection

Breathable, Protective and Comfortable

Executive Standard YY/T0969-2013
Standard Attribute Recommended
Applications Common Medical Treatment Environment
Appearance Flat, Normal Seal
Particulate Filtration Efficiency -
Particulate Matter Type -
Bacterial Filtration Efficiency ≥95%
Other Key Indicator Requirements Bacterial Filtration Efficiency

Direction for use

1. Fix the nose bar to the nose

2. Pull pleats out to cover the mouth and nose

3. Place loops over ears


This products is made of PP non-woven fabric and melt-bl own fabric, used to block particles, body fluids and other splaches in the air.

Degradable and environmenetally friendly nose strip, good plasticity and fit face well

Frim spandex earloop, latex-free, comfortable to wear and not eay to slide


Single use only

This product should be stored in a clean, sanitary, ventilated and dry place and should not be stored with toxic and odorous substances

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